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‘The American Conservative’ on O’Donnel and Palin

Actual constitutionalists have at least some basic familiarity with these, not least since they tend to see these amendments and later interpretations of the 14th Amendment as having been particularly damaging to republican self-government. Based on her responses, O’Donnell not only doesn’t agree with them, but she wouldn’t even be conversant with the relevant arguments.

So says Daniel Larison

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Britain Slashes Defense Budget – Could we be next?

Prime Minister Cameron announced an 8% cut in Britain’s defense budget as part of a new economy-wide austerity program.  Troops will be reduced by 12,000, civilian defense workers by 25,000, artillery weapons by 40% and a number of plane purchases dumped.

The planned cuts have raised concerns across the Atlantic, leading Cameron on Monday to phone U.S. President Barack Obama to reassure him that Britain intends to remain a major military power, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Any cuts in the US military budget to help reduce the US deficit would be fought tooth and nail by war hawks and the defense industry, no matter how logical those cuts are.  Unlike the early to mid 1980s in this country, there is currently no constituency pressing for arms reduction and military spending cuts.

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The Case Against NATO

Danial Larison presents it clearly in The Week:

Today, the only reason to keep NATO going seems to be to give Americans a reason to be “in” Europe when there is no longer any need for American military involvement in European affairs. 

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