Saudis Execute Indonesian Maid

The mistreatment of foreign workers, especially domestics, in Saudi Arabians is well-documented.  A landmark case in which a Saudi woman was sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of abusing and torturing her maid was overturned last April.  Around the same time, two people from Mecca were arrested after the violent deaths of their maids.

Once again today, Saudi Arabia displayed its contempt for the foreign workers it imports from Asian countries by beheading an Indonesian maid for killing her employer (who abused and held her in virtual slavery) without even informing the Indonesian embassy.  Indonesia immediately put a moratorium on its citizens working in Saudi Arabia until issues of safety are negotiated between the two countries.  The execution has been widely protested in Indonnesia.

According to the Guardian:

One major problem facing migrant workers in Saudi Arabia is the sponsorship system, which effectively means a domestic worker cannot leave the country without the consent of their employer.Campaigners say this leads to widespread abuse, and conditions close to slavery. Sexual abuse and physical violence are often reported.

The Guardian also reported that today Saudi authorities picked up a Sri-Lanka woman held hostage by her Saudi employer for fourteen years and arrested the employer.  apparently, the Saudis would like to deflect international condemnation of the earlier beheading.  But the Saudi’s total disregard for the civil and human rights of its immigrant labor force has been documented time and again.

Saudi Arabia hasn’t even progressed into an ‘autocracy’,  It is a medieval kingdom all the way.  The majority of 9/11 hijackers were Saudis recruited by favorite son, Osama bin Laden (later disowned by the kingdom).  The US gave the Saudis a pass for 9/11, a pass for spreading the most reactionary interpretation of Islam through ‘madrassas’ (religious schools) it’s established across the globe and a pass for its near total disregard of civil and human rights for its own population and zero regard for over 7 million foreign workers.  Over 100 foreign workers are scheduled for execution in the kingdom, most of them domestics.

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