Obama & Boehner Go for Broke

OK, that may be an exaggeration but suddenly it seems that Boehner is warming up to ‘increasing revenue’, closing corporate tax loopholes and maybe even letting the infamous Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire.¬† These would be as part of a larger 10-year budget reduction program /debt ceiling package proposed by President Obama.¬† Obama also put Medicare and Social Security reform/cuts on the table.

Most importantly, the President wants his $4 billion package over 10 years to be the first step in revising an outdated, unfair and impenetrable  U.S. tax code.

The budget cut and debt ceiling negotiations, with conservatives obstructing any progress that includes ‘revenue raising’, have been a farce so far.¬† Now it will enter the circus phase as both Party bases scream about betrayal by their leaders


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