Who Gave France the Final Say on Qaddafi?

Or the so-called Libyan Contact group (LCG) composed of European countries, the US and Arab kingdoms?  I suppose all this international fretting is the price Libyan dissidents pay for the NATO bombing campaign.  Not to mention the billions of dollars in frozen Libyan assets they control.

The Atlantic Wire sums up:

France’s Foreign Minister Alain Juppé said Tuesday that Muammar Qaddafi could could cut a deal to stay in Libya so long as he releases all of his political power, The New York Times’ Steven Erlanger reports. A deal would also have to include an ordered cease-fire in order to release control of the country over to the Libyan Transitional National Council, the official group of the Libyan rebel movement. Juppé discussed the plan with a French TV station:

Poor France.  It keeps trying to act like a world power but hasn’t figured out that America letting France lead is little more than a conglomerate selling off a money-losing enterprise.

The entire Libyan situation cannot end well.  It’s already a fractious society myriad anti-Qaddafi forces that the TNC does not fully control.  Westerners want to control who wins and who loses.  Libya has too much oil to be left on its own.

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