Iran Plot: Who is Gholam Shakuri?

On Wednesday, American officials, who say the plot was endorsed by top Iranian authorities, were exploring why the sophisticated Quds Force might have chosen to rely on so amateurish an agent as Mr. Arbabsiar. – New York Times

This sort of says it all.  “exploring why” indeed!  It’s just too ridiculous.

Sometime in the past two years, Mr. Arbabsiar, whose friends called him Jack, began spending time in his native Iran, and investigators say he formed a relationship with members of the Quds Force. But Mr. Hosseini, who last saw his old roommate about two months ago, said Mr. Arbabsiar appeared to be chasing money, not political intrigue.

There’s really only one questions left.  Who is Gholam Shakuri, the alleged Al Quds member behind the plot?

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