Contrary to Rumors, Obama is Not…

calling it quits on the white working class.  Alec MacGillis reports on how the rumor thrived for a few days in The New Republic.

What has prompted this conclusion? Another overheard musing by Obama about “bitter” working class voters? A secret memo from Jim Messina in Chicago? No. A demographic analysis of the 2012 electorate from the Center for American Progress. Ruy Teixeira and John Halpin did not realize it, but their dense 69-page report analyzing the electorate — which notes, above all, that the electorate’s share of racial minorities and Gen-Y voters continues to grow — was so convincing that it has now been adopted as the official governing document of the Obama campaign. Leave aside that the analysis, as discussed in this space last week, makes clear that Obama is in trouble if he loses too many working class white voters below his 2008 share

Advice: distrust everything you hear between now and November, 2012.  Rule of thumb:  wait three days after any ‘shocking news’ to hear the other side, then decide which sounds more credible.  Extra step: download the entire speech/interview/press conference to make sure the (object, victim, candidate) was quoted in context.


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