How Cain Resurrected Gingrich

Gingrich had a winning debate on Saturday night.  Calm, cool and collected, he blithely told an audience of millions that character is an important issue, he’s made mistakes but now he’s a ’68 year old grandfather’ and voters will have to choose.

A triumph of form over substance.  A triumph of contrasts!  He is NOT HERMAN CAIN.  Cain just proved he has no character.  He hid a years-long affair, multiple sexual harassment accusations and displayed what seems like a psychological problem admitting anything.

Gingrich, on the other hand, doesn’t deny any of his blemishes.  Yes, he cheated. Yes, he asked for a divorce from his wife while she was recovering from cancer.  Yes, he took money from Fannie Mae – as a ‘businessman’ no less!

Gingrich has pulled an amazing ‘bait and switch’ off of Cain.  Gingrich has the character than Cain doesn’t.  He is open with his flaws and the sins for which he’s sought redemption.

Mr. Gingrich’s skill in facing criticisms head-on — sometimes fiercely rebutting them, sometimes apologizing for past errors in judgment — has only swelled his support. And his strong debate appearance in Iowa on Saturday, in which he faced a barrage of attacks, showed his resiliency.

“He’s willing to stand up and take the heat,” said Cheryl Semarad, who visited Mr. Gingrich’s headquarters in suburban Des Moines on the afternoon of the debate. – New York Times

This is what it has come to.










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