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A Conservative’s Lament

Still, is it that unreasonable to expect more than Gingrich and Romney? I find both of them inadequate for the monumental challenges facing this country. For starters, both have been rejected by the party at points in the past – Gingrich by the House Republicans in 1998 and Romney by the whole GOP electorate in 2008 – so why, now that times are even tougher, should we turn to them? Beyond that, our government needs widespread reforms; old ways of doing business must be undone, and that requires presidential leadership of the highest caliber, and I doubt that either can deliver. In different ways, they’re too attached to the old ways, and I just doubt that the country will follow their lead.   Jay Cost, The Weekly Standard</em>

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Last Night’s GOP Debate –

I wasn’t able to see the entire debate, but picked-up some of the many clips on the internet today.  Last nite was the first time I thought it possible that President Obama could lose.  I think the Rick Perry’s challenge is overplayed by the media.  (Imagine defending Catholic Church superstition over science! Of course, if he’s equating climate change dissenters to the prosecutors of Galileo, he’d be right.)  Obama set a high bar on articulation in 2008, and Romney and Huntsman are the only two who can deliver on that score.  Huntsman seems able to stick it out and give Romney a good run from the middle.

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