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How in the World Did the World Expect Qaddafi to Die?

Word is out that the US wanted Qaddafi to stand trial and that the ICC is looking into whether his killing justifies an investigation into whether it was a war crime.  If he died from the bullets in his head, Qaddafi got off cheap, whether they were cross-fired or shot at point-blank range by a self-appointed executioner.  Otherwise he may have been pulled apart limb by limb. In any event, his death is an internal matter for Libya.  Libya’s NTC is in charge now, not Americans, not the ICC.  Leave it alone.

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Netanyahu: Not Just Stupid but Dangerous

Ahmadinejad is one thing.  But I think Netanyahu is so far out of touch with reality he’s dangerous.  And he does have atomic weapons.

The Israeli government has everything going against it.  Turkey is taking it to the ICC and downgrading diplomatic relations.  Egypt now has troops in the Sinai for the first time since 1979, with Israel OK-ing this violation of the 1979 peace accords.  Internal demands for housing and a more equal economy are bringing hundreds of thousands of protesters into the street.  The UN will vote on Palestinian statehood next month.

Netanyahu is far, far out of his league.  He has no intention of nor idea about how to relieve the pressure on the country.  If this isn’t an existential crisis, I don’t know what is.  Yet what does Netanyahu do with this and all his other crises: double down. When will Israelis begin to ask:  who lost Turkey?  Who lost Egypt?  The relations it took Israel 30 years to build up in the region are unraveling before Israelis’ eyes.  (disclosure: I am not Jewish)  This government is a danger to itself, the region and Jews everywhere.








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Turkey Expels Israeli Ambassador

In a move sure to rattle the region, Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador to Turkey, suspended military cooperation and downgraded diplomatic ties.  Turkey took issue with yesterday’s UN report saying the Israeli blockade is legal:

“Turkey will take all measures which it sees as necessary for freedom of navigation in the eastern Mediterranean,” Davutoglu said.

“Turkey does not recognize Israel’s blockade of Gaza. It will secure the study of this blockade at the International Court of Justice. We are beginning initiatives to get the UN General Assembly moving on this,” he added.


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